Daily hobbles

October 6, 2008

I got to thinking, what does it mean on a daily basis to have hip dysplasia?  Well for me it’s anything from a mild discomfort to a scratchy soreness and stabbing pains that run down my leg day and night.  For instance over the last couple of weeks I’ve had very little pain or discomfort, only after sitting cross legged on a hard floor does the hobbling begin.  Well that’s until my man and I were shifting radiators around (don’t ask!).  My right hip in particular doesn’t appreciate a flexing action, the rowing machine is now out for this reason, and bending down to pick up a radiator doesn’t seem to be that good for it either. It did give me a whole new sensation though, and no, not a pleasant one. Instead of the usual sharp pain at the front of the joint (which feels like a trapped nerve) I got a cold uncomfortable feeling in the middle of my butt cheek, almost like part of the joint was uncovered and caught a chill. Now that would be some achievement cos my butt cheeks are no where near that insignificant as to let a draught through to my bones, but it does make me wonder what are all the random sensations? what’s actually going on in these dodgy joints of mine? hmmm something else to ponder…..