Early days

July 22, 2009

So since I got home how’s things going? Initially a bit painfully and very sleepily, Saturday afternoon I had to wait for my leg to deflate a little before I could hobble around, and even then I was very unsteady.  Managed the stairs with supervision and sleep was a bit painful. I think after being in a hospital bed that moved where you wanted it too (fancy pants buttons and everything!), it took some time to work out how I needed to sleep in a normal bed comfortably. Anyway I was very tired and in more pain than I had been in hospital, but nothing that couldn’t be solved with tablets.

Sunday I was very sleepy and the hip was still smarting. My lovely fella shopped for and cooked (while I had a 3 hour sleep on the sofa!) a roast dinner for my folks and little Nannie, which was scrummy. Mind you I had a tiny plate of food as my appetite seemed to have disappeared, something that is unknown where roasties and Yorkshire puds are concerned!   After tea more napping ensued and a little unsteady hobbling around, but all in all I was not on form.

Monday things felt a bit better, but the frustration of not being able to carry stuff around started to get to me, no tears, just a little rant to myself every now and again!  The pain was under control, still taking the meds as prescribed and hobbling was speeding up. Managed a one legged supervised shower, the perching stool goes in the shower, but you can’t close the door which isn’t much use unless you want ducks setting up home in the bathroom!  Spent a bit too much time sat up at the table – leg returned to former swollen glory :0(

Tuesday my man was out early and I was left to my own devices for 3 hours. A little bit of stroppiness may have risen it’s ugly head as I tried to get dressed. The grabber dropped to the floor while I was sat on the bed, then in the bathroom the loo roll did a similar thing with no grabber in sight – somehow I managed to use my crutches to lever things around so all was not lost, just took a blooming long time! I then  hobbled downstairs to get brekky. Hmm how do you get cereal from one room to another without spilling it?! Well I decided to go with toast; bread from the freezer transported in mouth to toaster, shuffle to fridge to find jam, jam on sideboard as far as I can reach, hobble a bit, shuffle the jam a bit, hobble a bit, shuffle the jam…. etc until I got level with the toaster.  Get out a knife, can’t be bothered to do the whole shuffle/hobble thing with a plate so spread jam on toast and eat whilst perching on stool.  Not too frustrated after that rigmourol then!  I had managed to find my little rucksack which means I can now transport stuff around the house for myself, although loading and unloading it can be a pain in the butt,  specially if you have a sieve like memory and can’t remember where you unloaded all the gubbins that you collected an hour ago!   The name of the game post op is definitely organisation. Know what you want before you want it and plan how to get it, whether by poor long-suffering boyfriend (who is constantly just about to sit down after making us a cuppa only for me to say, could you get me …..?) or by own transport rucksack stylee. I am not a very organised person, pre op I would frequently run upstairs to get something, find something else to bring down then have to go back up for whatever it is I wanted in the first place. This is not a good scenario when you can only carry what you can fit on your back, and when after a couple of goes up and down the stairs you need a little nap! 

Tuesday; a good nights kip, feeling more like me again and managed to dress fairly quickly without much ranting -HURRAH! A step in the right direction. Also for the first time since the op I can see my right knee cap in it’s knobbly glory!!!  Thigh is a little swollen but a marked improvement.  Still taking pain meds but leaving the gap between them slightly bigger just to see what the score is, nothing having a major grumble so it would seem that I could reduce them a little.  The problem with feeling more like myself is that boredom is now setting in, on day 3 of being at home full time. This does not bode well.   Had a visit from a friend who was really mean and bought scrummy biscuits!  A pretty positive day all round.

Wednesday; had an uncomfortable nights sleep, the compression stockings are far too good at keeping your feet warm, so I got a little overheated. I’ve been told that I have to wear them for the 6 weeks until I go for my check up. (not the same pair you’ll be pleased to hear, I have a spare!). If we ever get a real summer I’ll never get any sleep – overheating from the feet up just isn’t fun!  Had a very exciting excursion today; we’ve hired a wheelchair from the British Red Cross as we’re off to a wedding on Saturday (see CK on blogroll – V excited), and to go the distance figured that a wheelchair and crutch combo is going to be a winner. So for our road test I hobbled out to the path, boyfriend brought out the wheelchair cushioned and ready for action. It was a relatively short journey down the road, but still there was plenty of room for crap steering from yours truly, nearly went off the curb a coupla times, but I did manage to do a full 360 turn when it was time to come back!  I chose to hobble back and expend some of the pent up energy, which worked cos I fell asleep when we got back!   Being sat in a wheelchair is very odd, I felt like a bit of a fraud really, as I can hobble, but not for any length of time yet. We only met a couple of people along the way, but they gave me a puzzled look.  

 I’ve not really taken many pain meds at all today, only one lot of parcetamol and ibruprofen, and one lot of the morphine based painkillers, pretty darn good considering it’s now half eight at night.  Maybe it’s time to start properly weaning myself off them, I’m just not sure of the best way to go about it. Do I quit the nasty morphine ones altogether and rely on normal painkillers, or do I only take a couple of doses of each?

Well I’ve waffled another significant amount – that’s what being left on your own for a couple of hours does to you! I think a day by day account might be a little over indulgent so I’ll calm it down now. Also with my new found energy I’ll hopefully get to play outside a bit more.


Still here…!

June 28, 2009

I didn’t realise how long it’d been since I’d done anything hippy related, until my mum pointed it out yesterday. So here I am waffling on again!

The last couple of months have been hectic with finishing off my course and I’ve only a week and a half to go – YIPPEE!  All being well I’ll be a qualified teacher and everything :0)

Whilst having the hectic life that revolves around school other things have taken a bit of a backseat. The biggest of these being exercise, which is definitely not a positive step.  I have managed to keep up Pilates, which is fantastic and I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone, especially if you find a great teacher who knows what alternatives to give to slightly broken people such as myself.  Anyway I’ve two sessions lined up the week before my op and as soon as I can get back to it I’m getting a couple of one to ones to get me back into doing the classes.

This weekend saw me having the first of two hypnotherapy sessions aimed at keeping me chilled about having an epidural. I’m not that bothered about needles, apart from, it seems, the one going into my spine. The last thing I want to be doing is fidgeting and twitching with nerves while the anesthetist is doing this. Anyway the first session was very positive, and anything that helps is a goer in my book!

Had a bit of a scare this week – bearing in mind the cancellation of my last op, I managed to get yet another cold! At first I thought it was hay fever, but it didn’t respond to the usual drugs and just felt like a cold.   Fortunately unlike the last 3 week lurker it seems to have dissipated, fingers crossed I’ll not be in snotsville for too much longer!

On the subject of runny noses I have a tendency for mild hay fever, but today managed to fall asleep in amongst lots of flowering clover – not the brightest choice on a warm, sunny, breezy day! DOH!   Another stupid thing that I do fairly frequently is to take out my contact lenses and then go looking for my glasses. Needless to say it takes me a lot of time stumbling about blindly to sort this particular issue out.  I really need to stop this, especially when hobbling about on crutches …. I sense tears of frustration would be the outcome and they certainly wouldn’t help me see any clearer!

I had my second Pre-op this week, it’s so long since the first one the hospital need to check I still have the same blood!  All went smoothly, the only mild trauma was getting weighed, I’m still in the ‘healthy’ category for my height, but right at the top of the scale – RUBBISH!  So much for living on rice cakes if that’s what they do for you BRING ON THE BISCUITS!  I’ve heard from a couple of people that the post op painkillers suppress your appetite as well as your pain, so I might yet be a bikini model, albeit one with one normal and one twiggy leg!

I’ve 2 weeks to go, and don’t feel half as panicked as before.  Perhaps now is just a better time mentally if not physically. Still it’s a bugger that we’ll have no summer holiday, but I intend to have as many outings as my hip can contend with. The other thing I’m looking forward to is having time to do exercise (mostly after the non-weight bearing time), it’s been ages since I had a really good heart pumping muscle aching work out – only a couple of months and I’ll have to make time if I want to get back on my feet, and I can’t wait.

Oh something else I’ve decided to aim for when both hips have been done is learn to play tennis. Not a surprise considering Wimbledon is on at the minute, but it’s something I fancy doing every summer, so next year the boy and I are hoping to get a couple of lessons then go play in the park with friends.  The last time I played tennis was at school, and I had plenty of power, but absolutely no control whatsoever!  I spent an inordinate amount of time retrieving the ball from over the fence and halfway across the hockey pitch which is where I’d managed to launch it during serving!  Hmm maybe tennis isn’t my game.

Right waffle over, better get back to planning lessons, Fractions anyone?!

It’s a glamorous life style

March 25, 2009

A crack team of action OT’s commando rolled their way in to the house this afternoon, and in a flash of  light set up all the sexy toys I’m gonna need for the forthcoming weeks of hobbling.  To be fair lumpy and grey would just about cover it.  No, not the OT’s, the stuff they left behind.   The sofa is now 4 inches higher, propped up on some grey plastic lumps, as is the bed, the loo seats are big, and yes you guessed it…. lumpy. The boy really has gotta get his aim spot on as the hole left for ablutions after all the lumpy ‘make the seat higher’ business is smaller than normal. Could be interesting after a night out on the beer!   Oh yeah and then there’s the two perching stools, they are grey and not so pretty, but I guess everything is for a practical purpose and lets face it after the op and eating too many biscuits while full of drugs I’ll be a bit lumpy and grey too!

There you have it, all set up for post hospital hobbles, no terrors to report for the last few days, though there is a lot of tiredness and grumpiness.

Battling the biscuits

December 1, 2008

In the last week I have spent an inordinate amount of time sitting on the sofa tapping away at my laptop in a vane effort to write an inspiring essay. As is my way with these things I successfully avoided doing a decent stint on the 3000 words of wisdom required by distracting myself with anything and everything. Checking email every 5 minutes (even though I knew there’d only be new junk mail and no matter how often I get offered the means to ‘enlarge my manhood’ it’s just not going to happen) tidying the kitchen, doing the washing, and even a spot of cleaning were just a few of my diversions. The biggest and most enticing was the biscuit tin, as a friend in the same predicament said “it keeps calling my name”. Now fortunately there was (note the past tense!) only a few slightly soft Garibaldi’s left, so not all of the waistline was lost.  BUT what I got to thinking about was after having surgery when I’m sat on my butt, incapacitated, possibly in pain, feeling sorry for myself cos I can’t go out and play any sport and bored cos everyone else is at work, what will the biscuits do then?  I can hear them enticing me now, whispering sweet nothings from the kitchen, they’ll be teasing me and no mistake; “come and eat us, we’ll be lovely with a cup of tea…. you know you want to” CUP OF TEA?! who do these biscuits think I am? I’ll be on crutches and able to make a cuppa, but will have to lurk in the kitchen to drink it cos a crutch in each hand is worth no tea in the lounge!   Darn it, I have standards, no biscuits and tea will be eaten while standing in the kitchen on one leg and all by myself, no, they must be dunked whilst sitting and relaxing. So what will I do? maybe a biscuit and tea making stash in the lounge is the way forward….hmmm something to ponder. Mind you that will definitely add inches to the waistline which, while I’m spectacularly inactive, I could do without.

What this is really all about is that fact that I will be having my first surgery in around 5 months time, and it’s starting to feel real. The realities of everyday life on one leg are just one small part of what’s in store that is playing on my mind. There’s so many really good blogs and information sites around that it’s a bit overwhelming….so why do I keep looking?!! Curiosity killed the cat, or so they say, keenness for knowledge might send me cuckoo me thinks.  So in a bid to rid myself of this internal churning over of surgery, the outcomes, the effect on my course ….etc etc I’ve feeling I need to ramble more often.  You have been warned!