Too much too soon

November 1, 2009

Ahh it was all going well.. getting rid of the crutches for short distances, even some longer hobbles, (or wobbles as I currently walk with a certain weebleness about me!).  Anywho I went and overdid it again – My man and I had spent a lovely week on holiday in Wales on the Pembrokeshire coast; the sea was just too tempting, so armed with a surfboards off we went (or toddled in my case), fairly soon I realised this was a mistake and the next day swapped the surfboard for a body board. It was so good to be able to play in the waves again (I am neither graceful or skilled at body/surf boarding but love being in the water). I enjoyed myself way too much though and have been paying for it ever since. Fortunately not in bone pain, but in muscle pain. I say fortunately in that my bones seem to have stood up to the waves bashing them, but my hip flexor in particular did not take kindly to the strain.  I never knew muscle pains could be so bad!  Spasms and cramps almost reducing me to tears on the odd occasion and the sudden twanging of muscles as I tried to stretch them out were all a surprise.  My PT has been hit and  miss, having one fella leave, another start for one session, then leave and now I have another newbie to see on Thurs.   Ho hum… anyone have any ideas of how to fix over exerted and grumpy muscles?  I’ve tried massaging, stretching, heat, ice and painkillers, oh and some rest which seems to be the best medicine, but doesn’t work as quickly as I want it to!

I also had another check up at the hospital a coupla weeks ago – X-rays are looking good and everyone is pleased with my bones healing. My leg length discrepancy is a different story though – so far it’s been measured at anything from a minor 1cm to a rather alarming 1.8cms.  Panic set in after a conversation with a lovely ‘patient appliances’ Dr who told me that I’d need to go and get some granny style shoes that could be built up as I needed at least an extra 18mm on my left shoe. He wasn’t quite so blunt and was very professional, but once I’d left his office it did reduce me to tears of frustration. I’d also been told in response to the age old question “What/where should my recovery be by now? Should I have crutches any more?” that if people could tell from my walk that I’d had an op that I’d still need crutches, and that was that.   Hmm not so helpful.    I did hobble back to see the lovely Orthapedic nurse Michelle who is brilliant and made me feel human again by taking time out to chat and took another look at my X-rays. What I really need is some gait work, but due to massive muscle pains, and lack of PT I haven’t really started this yet. Fingers crossed the new physio will hang around for a bit so I can get a better idea of what I should/shouldn’t be doing – I’ve a sneaky suspicion playing in the sea isn’t high up the list of things to do!

I’ve just re-read this posting and it sounds awfully negative, but that’s not how I’m feeling about the whole thing really. I’m just impatient and expect too much from my poor healing hip, Since the op I’ve only had 4 days where the pain has been horrid, I get about without crutches most of the time and the soreness I had in the joint pre op isn’t there any more so things are on the up.  Ohh speaking of which a fantastic friend of mine bought me a great book called; Healing Hip, Joint and Knee Pain: A Mind-body Guide to Recovering from Surgery and and Injuries by Kate O’Shea. It’s worth a read pre or post surgery, it’s  about getting in tune with your body as it goes through changes, it’s got a hippy vibe about it and is easy to read, so get out some candles and have some alone time with those poorly joints.


6 weeks post op

August 26, 2009

I can’t believe it’s already over the 6 week mark, mind you thinking back to the op it feels like a life time ago now.

So where am I up to?  Still not getting a full nights sleep, thankfully not due to pain, just discomfort either in my hip or in my back.  I can now lie on my front and non operated side, but having tried the operated side for a mere 5 seconds decided that I’m not quite ready for that giant leap just yet.  My back isn’t causing me pain, it just feels like the small of my back is compressed and no amount of wriggling around seems to ease it.  Pre-op I was able to click my hips to help with back issues, clearly leftie still cluncks nicely, but I’m reluctant to try rightie just yet!

My scar is looking ok, (pic to follow), though on occasions does look a little bruised, that is probably due to me having been a little brutal with the bio oil! 

Scar at 6 weeks

Scar at 6 weeks


I get a sense that I can feel the screws on occasions, but only because across the front of my hip feels a bit numb and different, as though it’s not quite all me, but other than that I’ve not felt them yet.

The muscles on the operated side have been visibly disappearing since around week three,  I pretty much have no right bum cheek and my already skinny leg is about a couple of inches smaller in circumference – not such a good look in shorts! My left leg and butt cheek, however, is buff!  The length of my leg is still an inch or so longer, I’m yet to find out if this will change at all. Maybe the bashing about of my pelvis during the op put me off kilter, and it’ll all level out nicely.

I can get around a lot more easily and can even pick things up off the floor without too much anguish by sticking my operated leg out behind me. Attempting to bend and going too far over my right angle allowance causes a bit of discomfort so I guess my bones just aren’t ready.  I have been a bit sneaky and put a little extra weight through my leg, and it all seems to be ok, though I don’t feel ready to lose the crutches yet.

My physio appointment has been changed so my first one is this coming Friday, I will be going armed with op info and diagrams in case of ignorance! Now all I need to do is sort out the list of questions for my hospital check up next week, oh and remember a memory stick to get copies of my x-rays – Yippee!

Feel the burn..

February 24, 2009

..and I did……… momentarily.

I can’t wait for the day where my muscles give out before my broken joints, the day when I have a good work out and have to stop because of sore hard working muscles rather than a sore silly hip. I don’t even mind waking up the next day walking funny as long as it’s because my muscles have worked hard, not ‘dodgy hip’ induced hobbles. Today was nearly that day – biking to Uni again gave my sore hip some aggravation, but I also felt the burn in my quads HURRAH! It was only for about 2 mins whilst tackling an upward climb, but it was there. Unfortunately the burn is now fully back to my right hip in particular, oh and my left calf which I can only assume bears the brunt of my hobbling action. Hey ho,  give it a month or so and I’ll be having muscle pains from learning to walk again – not sure I’ll be overly jubulant about it at the time though!