it’s been a while…

October 30, 2008

This weekend just gone my man and I went to my folks for some lovely home cooked grub (full roast if you must know- yummy too). Anywho after dinner my very ‘down with tha kids’ parents got us all playing on their new toy… a Wii, much to the interest of my little nannie who was a bemused and amused spectator throughout.  If you’re not familiar with this particular toy it’s great entertainment with interactive games aplenty.

We partook in Wii Sport – boxing, tennis, baseball, bowling and a coupla others, next we moved onto Wii fit. Part of which is a sensitive board which you stand on and it can work out all sorts of things about you that you’d rather not know – weight, balance and more worryingly your Wii fit age (whatever that might mean!). I’m apparently 12 yrs older than my real life age – blooming rudeness! The age calculation isn’t based on any cardio or strength level of fitness, but on your balance. Obviously with wonky hips I was off to a looser on that one from the off (at least that’s what I keep telling myself).   After the initial balance assessment the machine decided that I put most of my weight on my right side, and then mentioned something along the lines of ‘your pelvis may be out of alignment’ NO SH*T SHERLOCK!!  Any way after this amazing revelation we all continued onto the balance games – thinking it prudent not to shake up the roast dinner too soon with aerobic activities.  We slalomed, ski jumped, headed balls and a couple of other things I can’t remember. Not that I’m competitive at all but my fella beat my overall high score on the ski jump, so I gotta go back and rectify that soon.  After a while I decided to have a go at something different and found the hoola game….  Basically you’re stood on the Wii fit board thingy facing the telly and wiggling your butt like a maniac, that is until you have to pause and lean to one side to catch another hoop (yes I did manage all 6 hoops spinning at once whoo hooooo!!). Needless to say the others in the room had an interesting spectator sport and were rolling around on the floor in fits of giggles … ahh they may mock but they’ve not managed to unlock the next level of Hoola! I will not be defeated!  Well that’s what I thought until Monday morning. 

Hobbling out of bed and limping my way round Uni all day topped off by my kick boxing session being hampered due to hoola related hip pain was all too much.  It’s day’s like that it really brings home to me how things could be if I’m not careful and if I don’t have the PAO in the next 12 months.  The day of hobbling wasn’t so bad, bit of a pain but bearable, what really got me was kick boxing. Something I really love doing and when possible love launching myself into, part way through the class I had to leave. There was no point in me being there as I couldn’t do kicks with either leg – kicking with the right made the right hip sorer, and kicking with the left meant supporting all my weight on an already sore right side. IT SUCKS,  so frustrating, and I still only have mild discomfort compared to many. 

The rest of the week has been ok hip wise, just a little sore from the weekend shenannagins – I mean Hoola-ing of course!  It makes you wonder though, what’s next? I can’t circuit train anymore, running is out (not that I did much but it’s still off the list), rowing machine is a no-no, clearly Wii Hoola isn’t such a great idea, how many more things are gonna be struck of the list?…….