Almost a year on

June 6, 2010

In the blogging world I’ve been AWOL for some time, not intentionally it’s just that when you get back on your feet (literally) things go back to the same frantic pace they always have been and fitting in blogging amongst daily life becomes increasingly difficult.

I can’t remember what’s happened in the few months since I last posted, so I’ll just go with how things are now.

I’ve been discharged from physio as everything is in fairly good order and my muscles just need more strength, the screws are still in my hip – I’m on the waiting list to have them removed, oh and my leg length discrepancy seems to have sorted itself out.  As the muscles in my right leg have recovered their strength it would seem they’ve pulled the leg up a little so there’s only a small difference in leg lengths now – this means I get to wear pretty shoes again YIPPEE!

On the flip side the more ‘back to normal’ I get the more soreness I seem to be getting in the joint,  just like pre PAO.  The muscle soreness has abated, but the bone pain seems to be returning.  It’s usually after I’ve had to bend down and even if it’s only for a short time the joint stiffens up.  Makes me think getting lefty done sooner rather than later seems like a good plan; it doesn’t cause me any pain now, so surely if they sort out the socket before the bones and cartilage deteriorate too much I’ll have the joy of a fully functioning hip with no pain – HURRAH!   Well I’ll have to leave that decision to the Dr’s who really know the score.  Until then it’ll be back to hobbling occasionally!