Marcus Bankes

January 30, 2009

…Is not off sick – I phoned Guys hospital today and he’s back
and not looking at all poorly!! ….HURRAH!

although according to a fellow hobbler Mr Bankes  is unavailable till mid March for new consults. Thank goodness I got in there!  As an alternative there’s a fella called Johan Witt who’s based at University College Hospital in London his website is pretty informative too;




January 29, 2009

I just found out that my surgeon, Marcus Bankes, is rumoured to be on long term sick…….anyone out there know anything?!! (this is the site with the relevant comment on;

Ok, it’s only just over a week til I have my Pre-op and I can find out then, and it could be a big mix up….or it might be true….aaarrghhhh!


January 25, 2009

I’ve discovered a new type of hip related ouch, one that I’d only heard of before, but have now discovered the joy of!  It’s all in the groin and it smarts a bit.  Most of the pain I get from dodgy hips is right in the joint a sort of sore achey scratchness, occasionally I have a flamingo moment too. This is when it feels like I’ve trapped a nerve and its a sharp shooting pain right inside my hip, so I have to stand like a flamingo for a bit.  Anywho the new groin pain is like a pulled muscle that twinges every now and again, I guess that’s just what it might be, my wimpy muscles are fighting back to keep my joints in the sockets!

How did I discover this new pain you may ask…. through taking part in a Tag Rugby coaching course…which is BRILLIANT!  We did all sorts of running, dodging, weaving, stopping suddenly and a whole lot of other stuff that ailing hips don’t enjoy. It’s my bloody mindedness and competitive streak that is causing my hips the most problems these days – you think I’d learn by now!

Questions and more questions….

January 11, 2009

Countdown is progressing and my mind won’t switch off to the plethora of questions regarding surgery, some of these are repeated from my previous list as they go unanswered, however here’s what I have so far;

  1. To wax or not to wax? – apparently there needs to be some bikini line trimming prior to surgery, and quite frankly I’m not ready for anyone to give me a nice razor rash, so I’m banking on being prepared and waxing away anything necessary!
  2. How soon after the Op will I start physio, and will it be at my local hospital or will they do home visits?
  3. How long approximately will I need crutches for? (this will be a fairly individual thing, but a rough idea is what I’m after)
  4. If I need a Femoral Osteotomy as well how will this affect the timescales for staying in hospital and overall recovery?
  5. How ‘with it’ will I be during the days in hospital?
  6. Can I borrow the crutches early to practice with before I need to use them for real?
  7. I will be travelling home in a car, but how restrictive should I be on car journeys after this?
  8. When will I be able to use public transport? (I’ve been told that this could be about 6-8 weeks, which is the time for driving too. Now the restriction on driving I can understand, but I’m a bit befuddled about public transport, unless it’s the potential for being barged in the stampede on and off the bus/train!)
  9. Are there any aids I need to have at home?
  10. Will I be sedated before having the epidural? (As far as I’m concerned my spine and a needle should never meet it’s just wrong, so this be scares the living crap outta me. Friends who’ve had children tell me it’s the best thing ever, but they were already in pain when the needle went in, I won’t be in pain until afterwards…. maybe if I stub my toe really badly I’ll be less stressed about it!)
  11. How long does the surgery usually take for just the PAO and the PAO plus FO?
  12. Will I be in a mixed ward and will it be old folks who’ve had a hip replacement?!
  13. What are the restrictions on my movement of the joint in terms of flexion and extension, for example will I be able to put my own socks and shoes on?
  14. When will I be allowed to go to the gym/swim?- again very individual but a rough idea would be nice.
  15. Will you need to cut my tattoo? –  It’s only a little one, but I like it so am not looking forward to it being sliced.

That’s all for now but I’m sure there’ll be a million more to come, plus I’m working on a list of things to get sorted the week before I go in;

  1. Any necessary waxing done
  2. Hair dyed (sadly I’m going a bit grey)
  3. Hair cut
  4. Feet loved and looked after by a Podiatrist
  5. Lots of dinners made and frozen
  6. House to be cleared of any obstacles – this is a bigger job than you’d expect as we’re in the middle of DIY, so there’s stuff everywhere!

again there’ll be plenty more to add, and if any spring to mind that aren’t here then please fill me in!

Oh crumbs it’s real…..

January 8, 2009

Countdown is progressing … Pre op assessment due the 9th February, Op provisionally scheduled for 30th March.


time to start thinking of all those questions I need answering

Back to the hips…

January 6, 2009

After my little rant (see below) I’m back onto the main subject now… the dodgy hips.

Since my last hip related entry my poor joints have been through a fair bit; a panto performance at Uni (very silly and lots of fun) for which I chose, not very sensibly to be one of the dancers.  Of course wonky hips are so well suited to an 80’s style dance complete with leg warmers!  Then there was walking round town doing Christmas shopping – walking seems to pose my hips considerable problems. Then a coupla days relaxing with family, followed by a bracing walk one afternoon. The terrain was flat, only rabbit holes provided any contours, but still the right hip groaned after about half an hour…. HURUMPH!  Then a couple of days later the laminate flooring job was in hand, my boyfriend and I worked like trojans  to get the rooms done, which we have suceeded at, but my hips paid the price for couple of days. I walked like a 90 year old in need of a hip replacement and a zimmer frame after sitting for any more than 10 minutes. Well at least I know I really do need the op… which is looming ever closer. Still no date yet, but fingers crossed for the beginning of April.

I have the potential to be the worst patient in the world ever… both at hospital and at home. I get bored very easily, specially left all day in my own company.  Today has been a fine example of this, with the exception of some bank staff (see the entry below for a very long winded explaination) I haven’t really spoken to anyone today, and feel all the grumpier for it.   My man is a teacher and therefore spends an in-ordinate amount of time doing work at home (yes really to all those who think it’s a 9-3 job).  Imagine what it’ll be like when I struggle to make it out of the house for more than a hobble down the road to give me a change in scenery. My other half and family all work full time… what the heck am I going to do? I think I’ll be calling up the speaking clock just to hear another voice, maybe I’ll even strike up a conversation with it to keep me sane. Oh dear, I need to enlist friends and family on a telephoning rota to keep us all sane!