It’s been a while

Well here I am almost 6 years since having my right hip sliced and diced. How are things these days? They could be better, but mostly it’s my own laziness that is the cause of the issue. Blooming IT band – nothing but trouble for me. It impedes my dancing (I’ve managed to go back to Salsa), my attempts to get fit on the cheap (started running) and drives me crazy!

I have a roller which is tear jerkingly painful when used and I have some butt strengthening exercises which I should do. Note the should – I’m my own worst enemy! However for those of you going into have PAO or similar surgery I would advise that you be prepared for a long bout of strengthening the supporting muscle groups around the joint. I hadn’t realised that these would need to be constant – hence why I struggle a bit with my IT Band. I also have a hollow in my quads which hasn’t been an issue in itself but I do wonder if my lack of strength when lifting my leg up is linked.

I apologise if you have left comments and they have gone unread and I’ve not responded to you – the last few years have been trickier than I would have liked for reasons other than my hip, but I’m out the other side now so all is good.



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