Preggo post PAO!

June 17, 2012

It’s been a while, and as you can tell from the title of this post I’ve been a busy bee!! he he. Actually I’d forgotten about my blog until I began searching for others experiences of pregnancy post PAO.

At almost 30 weeks pregnant I am pleased to report that both my operated and non-operated hips are performing well under the extra weight of baby.  That is with the exception of this morning when I hobbled out of bed for the 3 O’clock loo wake up call.  After some consideration I realised why exactly my left hip was playing up; after a day of slightly depressing DIY (when work goes more backwards than forwards) I had enjoyed a jump around to some suitably bad taste, but non the less enjoyable, Nickelback.  I haven’t jumped around in a while, so my poor hip probably didn’t know what had hit it what with extra baby weight to contend with. Still, only a twinge this morning and nothing more so all is well again – I really must remember the error of my ways!

The usual IT band flare ups have kept to a minimum thanks to some excellent physio exercises and the initial lower back pain has quit too. Occasionally I do get some funny pains in my sit bones but apparently this is due to sitting in one position for too long – I have now invested in a wobble cushion type thing to keep my muscles awake so this should hopefully be rectified.

In terms of what lies ahead childbirth wise it’s currently anyone’s guess!  I have been referred to and seen a consultant twice at the local hospital, and I’m sad to say both were pointless visits.  For the first appointment at around 12 weeks I went armed with a print out of my X-rays to explain my surgery and get a proper professional opinion. After explaining the finer detail of PAO; “they chiseled out a chunk of my pelvis, moved it to give me a socket, then screwed it in place ” the consultant said “so you have had your hip replaced then?”   errrrr no actually… anywho eventually he got the gist, then said he’d write to the Orthopedic consultant that initially referred me for surgery to get his opinion.

The second appointment was even more frustrating. At 28 weeks they assumed they’d have had the letter from Orthopedics but guess what? no letter.  So the consultant said I’d need to go back at 36 weeks to see if baby has enough room and is the right way round etc.. etc..  Next he measured my bump and whilst doing this looked at my PAO scar and said “Oh you’ve had your appendix out”   errr no actually, that’s the reason I’m  here – major hip surgery!!   AAARRRGGHHH.  So I am no nearer knowing what lies in store, which I realise is the way for most mothers to be, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing, I just wish these medical bods would bloomin’ well listen or at least glance at a patients notes before entering into conversation!