Hello all

March 29, 2009

This a quickie as I still need to prep for tomorrow… YIKES!

I just wanted to apologise for not replying to emails properly yet – I should have a bit of time on my hands in the coming weeks, so you’ll all have a barrage of my drivel then!

As for tomorrow, I’m not too scared just yet – the terrors seem to have abeited this week, but I know I’ll be shaky and feeling sick with nerves tomorrow morning.  We’ve still a ton of things to do to sort the house out, and my lovely folks are coming round today to help shift furniture which is a massive help, other than that the house is like a bomb site and I’ve still not packed even one slipper!  Oh the good news is that PJ’s and Trakky bottoms have been given the green light from probably about Wednesday onwards – WHOO HOOO!!  The not such good news is that my belly button piercing has to come out, and according to the nice lady in the piercing place it’s likely to close up in less than a day cos it’s a small hole. Bugger – it’s been there for 10 years, and despite the fact that I don’t have the right stomach to be able to show it off, I’m really quite attached to it. Mind you if that’s all I have to worry about in the name of being bionic, I think I’ll cope!

Right that’s it now til I’m through the other side, I don’t think there’s freebie internet in hospital so it’ll probably be next weekend at least before I can report back on all the fun of the week.

Laters peeps xx see you when I’m part mended ;o)


Choices, choices……

March 9, 2009

What choices are these I hear you ask?, well on Saturday I ventured townwards for my last mop chop before the big op, then braved shopping for hospital stay attire. 

Currently when in ‘slob’ mode I don tracky bottoms, a big warm hoodie (yes, that nineplus one for those who know me, and no it isn’t surgically attached!), and some toastie socks.  Apparently for the joys of post op hobbles round the hospital I need a dressing gown, slippers, and a night shirt.  A dressing gown I can cope with, slippers are bearable, but a night shirt?!  Plus it would seem that when it comes to night shirts the choices are slim; I can either go for a 10 year old child look with a Disney character adorning my nightie,  try out a bit of granny chic and have a long sleeved floor length floral number, or have a slinky sexy lacy nightie that’ll leave nowt to the imagination.   So what did I do?   bought nothing, yep not a thing.  I can’t do slinky cos it’d put people of their already suspect hospital food, granny chic just isn’t my bag, and as for Disney characters – when I was 10 maybe, but not now.   So at the mo I’ll be flashing my wears through the back of a hospital gown, it’s time to call in my mum for moral support.