6 weeks post op

August 26, 2009

I can’t believe it’s already over the 6 week mark, mind you thinking back to the op it feels like a life time ago now.

So where am I up to?  Still not getting a full nights sleep, thankfully not due to pain, just discomfort either in my hip or in my back.  I can now lie on my front and non operated side, but having tried the operated side for a mere 5 seconds decided that I’m not quite ready for that giant leap just yet.  My back isn’t causing me pain, it just feels like the small of my back is compressed and no amount of wriggling around seems to ease it.  Pre-op I was able to click my hips to help with back issues, clearly leftie still cluncks nicely, but I’m reluctant to try rightie just yet!

My scar is looking ok, (pic to follow), though on occasions does look a little bruised, that is probably due to me having been a little brutal with the bio oil! 

Scar at 6 weeks

Scar at 6 weeks


I get a sense that I can feel the screws on occasions, but only because across the front of my hip feels a bit numb and different, as though it’s not quite all me, but other than that I’ve not felt them yet.

The muscles on the operated side have been visibly disappearing since around week three,  I pretty much have no right bum cheek and my already skinny leg is about a couple of inches smaller in circumference – not such a good look in shorts! My left leg and butt cheek, however, is buff!  The length of my leg is still an inch or so longer, I’m yet to find out if this will change at all. Maybe the bashing about of my pelvis during the op put me off kilter, and it’ll all level out nicely.

I can get around a lot more easily and can even pick things up off the floor without too much anguish by sticking my operated leg out behind me. Attempting to bend and going too far over my right angle allowance causes a bit of discomfort so I guess my bones just aren’t ready.  I have been a bit sneaky and put a little extra weight through my leg, and it all seems to be ok, though I don’t feel ready to lose the crutches yet.

My physio appointment has been changed so my first one is this coming Friday, I will be going armed with op info and diagrams in case of ignorance! Now all I need to do is sort out the list of questions for my hospital check up next week, oh and remember a memory stick to get copies of my x-rays – Yippee!


2 weeks 5 days – 3 weeks 3 days

August 6, 2009

2 weeks 5 days is how long it took me to feel real pain. At a friends wedding my leg decided it had really had enough, which resulted in the feeling that there was a knife being jabbed in my groin and that my leg was trying to detach itself from my body. This meant leaving the wedding earlier than expected (boo hiss), tears of pain (youch!), some lovely friends looking after me and helping me get up to bed when I got home (hurray!), and about 4 morphine tablets in the space of 5 hours!  Now considering I’d only been taking one painkiller before bed for almost 2 weeks it was a bit of a shocker. Anywho, thankfully the pain has never returned to that extent, although my hip has been grumbling along similar lines.  This concerns me as I’ve been pretty much pain free from the off with or without pain killers, and now when I initially sit  down (on a soft seat the right height and everything) I get a pain going from my bum bone as a dull ache and escalating to a stabby pain in my groin. Once I’m sat down it’s ok unless I have to shuffle around, or when I get up.  Has anyone else had a similar experience? I’m now 3 and a bit weeks out of surgery and it feels a little bit like I’m going backwards, which is just not cricket!

At this point in time it would seem as though the millimetres of difference in my leg lengths is all a myth. Currently it looks like about an inch difference. Now I’m all keen for growing a little, but an inch seems a bit extreme – here’s to hoping there’s still some swelling in the joint that’s causing the problem, if not I need to get my other leg done quickly so I match!