Preggo post PAO!

June 17, 2012

It’s been a while, and as you can tell from the title of this post I’ve been a busy bee!! he he. Actually I’d forgotten about my blog until I began searching for others experiences of pregnancy post PAO.

At almost 30 weeks pregnant I am pleased to report that both my operated and non-operated hips are performing well under the extra weight of baby.  That is with the exception of this morning when I hobbled out of bed for the 3 O’clock loo wake up call.  After some consideration I realised why exactly my left hip was playing up; after a day of slightly depressing DIY (when work goes more backwards than forwards) I had enjoyed a jump around to some suitably bad taste, but non the less enjoyable, Nickelback.  I haven’t jumped around in a while, so my poor hip probably didn’t know what had hit it what with extra baby weight to contend with. Still, only a twinge this morning and nothing more so all is well again – I really must remember the error of my ways!

The usual IT band flare ups have kept to a minimum thanks to some excellent physio exercises and the initial lower back pain has quit too. Occasionally I do get some funny pains in my sit bones but apparently this is due to sitting in one position for too long – I have now invested in a wobble cushion type thing to keep my muscles awake so this should hopefully be rectified.

In terms of what lies ahead childbirth wise it’s currently anyone’s guess!  I have been referred to and seen a consultant twice at the local hospital, and I’m sad to say both were pointless visits.  For the first appointment at around 12 weeks I went armed with a print out of my X-rays to explain my surgery and get a proper professional opinion. After explaining the finer detail of PAO; “they chiseled out a chunk of my pelvis, moved it to give me a socket, then screwed it in place ” the consultant said “so you have had your hip replaced then?”   errrrr no actually… anywho eventually he got the gist, then said he’d write to the Orthopedic consultant that initially referred me for surgery to get his opinion.

The second appointment was even more frustrating. At 28 weeks they assumed they’d have had the letter from Orthopedics but guess what? no letter.  So the consultant said I’d need to go back at 36 weeks to see if baby has enough room and is the right way round etc.. etc..  Next he measured my bump and whilst doing this looked at my PAO scar and said “Oh you’ve had your appendix out”   errr no actually, that’s the reason I’m  here – major hip surgery!!   AAARRRGGHHH.  So I am no nearer knowing what lies in store, which I realise is the way for most mothers to be, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing, I just wish these medical bods would bloomin’ well listen or at least glance at a patients notes before entering into conversation!



Nearly 2 years post op, only a little whinge

May 21, 2011

Almost 2 years since my RPAO and things are good bone wise, but not so good in the muscle department.

My ITB has been a problem since about 3 months after surgery, it has peaks and troughs of being annoying, right now it’s in a trough.  I have exercises to strengthen my glut med and the abductor muscles but they’re not getting the job done it would seem or at least not as quick as I would like! After a session playing tennis with the children in my class my limp returned, after a session of acupuncture (good but painful) my ITB calmed a little, but now after a gentle walk with a friend on a flat surface in flat shoes it’s got me walking like a weeble’s wobble again. BOOOO HISS!

Almost a year on

June 6, 2010

In the blogging world I’ve been AWOL for some time, not intentionally it’s just that when you get back on your feet (literally) things go back to the same frantic pace they always have been and fitting in blogging amongst daily life becomes increasingly difficult.

I can’t remember what’s happened in the few months since I last posted, so I’ll just go with how things are now.

I’ve been discharged from physio as everything is in fairly good order and my muscles just need more strength, the screws are still in my hip – I’m on the waiting list to have them removed, oh and my leg length discrepancy seems to have sorted itself out.  As the muscles in my right leg have recovered their strength it would seem they’ve pulled the leg up a little so there’s only a small difference in leg lengths now – this means I get to wear pretty shoes again YIPPEE!

On the flip side the more ‘back to normal’ I get the more soreness I seem to be getting in the joint,  just like pre PAO.  The muscle soreness has abated, but the bone pain seems to be returning.  It’s usually after I’ve had to bend down and even if it’s only for a short time the joint stiffens up.  Makes me think getting lefty done sooner rather than later seems like a good plan; it doesn’t cause me any pain now, so surely if they sort out the socket before the bones and cartilage deteriorate too much I’ll have the joy of a fully functioning hip with no pain – HURRAH!   Well I’ll have to leave that decision to the Dr’s who really know the score.  Until then it’ll be back to hobbling occasionally!

4 months post op

November 9, 2009

…and had an outing in heels…WHOOP WHOOP!! :0)

Too much too soon

November 1, 2009

Ahh it was all going well.. getting rid of the crutches for short distances, even some longer hobbles, (or wobbles as I currently walk with a certain weebleness about me!).  Anywho I went and overdid it again – My man and I had spent a lovely week on holiday in Wales on the Pembrokeshire coast; the sea was just too tempting, so armed with a surfboards off we went (or toddled in my case), fairly soon I realised this was a mistake and the next day swapped the surfboard for a body board. It was so good to be able to play in the waves again (I am neither graceful or skilled at body/surf boarding but love being in the water). I enjoyed myself way too much though and have been paying for it ever since. Fortunately not in bone pain, but in muscle pain. I say fortunately in that my bones seem to have stood up to the waves bashing them, but my hip flexor in particular did not take kindly to the strain.  I never knew muscle pains could be so bad!  Spasms and cramps almost reducing me to tears on the odd occasion and the sudden twanging of muscles as I tried to stretch them out were all a surprise.  My PT has been hit and  miss, having one fella leave, another start for one session, then leave and now I have another newbie to see on Thurs.   Ho hum… anyone have any ideas of how to fix over exerted and grumpy muscles?  I’ve tried massaging, stretching, heat, ice and painkillers, oh and some rest which seems to be the best medicine, but doesn’t work as quickly as I want it to!

I also had another check up at the hospital a coupla weeks ago – X-rays are looking good and everyone is pleased with my bones healing. My leg length discrepancy is a different story though – so far it’s been measured at anything from a minor 1cm to a rather alarming 1.8cms.  Panic set in after a conversation with a lovely ‘patient appliances’ Dr who told me that I’d need to go and get some granny style shoes that could be built up as I needed at least an extra 18mm on my left shoe. He wasn’t quite so blunt and was very professional, but once I’d left his office it did reduce me to tears of frustration. I’d also been told in response to the age old question “What/where should my recovery be by now? Should I have crutches any more?” that if people could tell from my walk that I’d had an op that I’d still need crutches, and that was that.   Hmm not so helpful.    I did hobble back to see the lovely Orthapedic nurse Michelle who is brilliant and made me feel human again by taking time out to chat and took another look at my X-rays. What I really need is some gait work, but due to massive muscle pains, and lack of PT I haven’t really started this yet. Fingers crossed the new physio will hang around for a bit so I can get a better idea of what I should/shouldn’t be doing – I’ve a sneaky suspicion playing in the sea isn’t high up the list of things to do!

I’ve just re-read this posting and it sounds awfully negative, but that’s not how I’m feeling about the whole thing really. I’m just impatient and expect too much from my poor healing hip, Since the op I’ve only had 4 days where the pain has been horrid, I get about without crutches most of the time and the soreness I had in the joint pre op isn’t there any more so things are on the up.  Ohh speaking of which a fantastic friend of mine bought me a great book called; Healing Hip, Joint and Knee Pain: A Mind-body Guide to Recovering from Surgery and and Injuries by Kate O’Shea. It’s worth a read pre or post surgery, it’s  about getting in tune with your body as it goes through changes, it’s got a hippy vibe about it and is easy to read, so get out some candles and have some alone time with those poorly joints.

Over exhuberance does not pay off!

September 23, 2009

The title of this post is something I should know, but bloody mindedness and impatience are the enemies of rational thought.

After having felt pretty good for a week or so I decided to walk to the local shops using only one crutch. The going was good on the way, but pretty ropey on the way back.   I’ve been paying for this little excursion ever since, scarily in the form of well known discomfort.  My hip has felt like it used to on a really bad day pre op; all sore and stiff with a few stabby pains thrown in for good luck. New pains I can deal with, they’re spose to be there, but old ones can take a hike; they haven’t though, not for the last 3 days.  To be honest I have been for little walks, done the hoovering, got the washing in and been for a swim, so I guess not resting up properly might have something to do with it!!

This did knock me a little and I even had a 5 minute strop involving tears and the immortal words “was it even ****** worth it” followed by “I’m getting the same ****** pains and I’ve one ****** leg longer than the other which is making my ****** back hurt”.   As you can see I was feeling somewhat sorry for myself and a little angry!! Incidentally insert whatever naughty word you fancy into the ****** bits, I think I may have used a variety!    My lovely man just listened to my mini outburst, let me shed my ‘woe is me’ tears and waited until I was calm enough to be rational again.

I’m back to my normal self and realise that as a wise hippy (Annick – wibbly wobbly blog)  said ‘Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should!’  I need to chill, no matter how good I feel in myself I have to listen to my hip and be nice to it rather than beast it. After all it has been sawn, chiselled, and screwed back together….. that was just over 10 weeks ago though, surely I should be able to run a marathon by now!

Post op check up 7 weeks (ish)

September 8, 2009

My mum, dad and I hobbled (well just me hobbling mum and dad have fully working legs!) down to London on Friday for a post op check up with Marcus Bankes.  As expected I had X-Rays (see below) then I met the man himself….and the verdict is;  My bones are healing really well, I’m ready to begin bearing weight and I am to aim to lose the crutches within the next four weeks. I’m only allowed to drive once I’m off the crutches, oh and I’ll need a cane for a while after I’m fully weight-bearing.  I can now go swimming – YAY! but not biking yet – even in the gym, darn it! I can once I’m fully weight bearing though so that’s something to look forward to.   As for the difference in leg length that is a little bigger than expected, so it looks like I may need an insole in my left shoe to even me out, now can you get insoles for peep toe heels?!

As for when leftie will be done, that’s a whole different story to what I expected. I’ve now been told that until I get pains in it (I guess to a similar extent to my right hip was pre-op) I won’t be considered for a second surgery. Now I was always under the impression that both were definitely going to be done, and probably within a year of each other (I was hoping sooner but that was pure impatience).  Obviously it’s a good thing that surgery won’t be done unless needed, only in my head I was having the next one done pronto then cracking on with normal life.  It’s just a matter of changing my mindset, crack on with normal life then leftie will happen somewhere along the way, more than likely at the most inconvenient time!

Pre op hips

Pre op wonkiness


5 Days post op

Nice screws!


Check out how my bones have healed - YAY for bones!

Check out how my bones have healed - YAY for bones!


Physio is lined up for later this week, and my next hospital appointment is set for 6 weeks, by which time I’ll be walking!!