Nearly 2 years post op, only a little whinge

Almost 2 years since my RPAO and things are good bone wise, but not so good in the muscle department.

My ITB has been a problem since about 3 months after surgery, it has peaks and troughs of being annoying, right now it’s in a trough.  I have exercises to strengthen my glut med and the abductor muscles but they’re not getting the job done it would seem or at least not as quick as I would like! After a session playing tennis with the children in my class my limp returned, after a session of acupuncture (good but painful) my ITB calmed a little, but now after a gentle walk with a friend on a flat surface in flat shoes it’s got me walking like a weeble’s wobble again. BOOOO HISS!


One Response to Nearly 2 years post op, only a little whinge

  1. Hiya Helen!

    Snap! Been having problems with mine too. Not sure what it is – ITB or what but I know my glutes aren’t firing and I have been told by my podiatrist no running as he fears I will cause another stress fracture 😦 hubs and I drove down and back to the Pyrenees last week and my left hip was not happy! Lots of discomfort and, of course, brain is going ‘okay FHR!’ Not good!

    Apart from that how are things? How is your job going, and when are we going to do that Triathlon?!? Lol! I went swimming today as that is what I have been told to do for the moment to see if it settles, and I did think of you wholst in the pool, lol! Let me know how things go. Cheers, Annick x

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