Screw removal

Yesterday I finally had my screws removed – unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to keep them, but I did get to see them – they were pretty darn big!

The surgery itself was over quickly – I was under for around an hour, then recovering for a couple of hours before being allowed to hobble off home. I took crutches with me as I had been advised that I should use them for a few days after surgery, then when I met the surgeon he seemed to think I’d be fine without them.  So I used them for a short while after leaving the hospital, and probably won’t use them again.

Pain wise things feel fine, the area around the incision is a little tender, I have some nice bruising but that at the minute is about all. Oh and I’ m obviously swollen, which gives me a slightly one sided muffin top! but it’s a look I can work with.


2 Responses to Screw removal

  1. Kate says:

    Thanks for that, I have mine out in Dec so was interested to read your experience. I have been told no crutches and just take it easy for a few days.

    How are you doing generally in both hips?

    Kate x

  2. Helen Kindred says:

    sorry, I realise I’m coming in really late since you writing this blog, but just came across it as I’m looking for answers, shared experiences, support I guess. I had a pao on my left hip 16 years ago, and never had the screws removed, never had any reason to/was never advised to. For the past few months though lots of pain and x-ray has shown one of the screws has become mis-aligned and is now impacted on the femoral head (hence the pain!) so looking like I’ll need at least that screw taken out now. Incredibly nervous and now a widowed mum of two, can’t really afford to be immobile for long at all! How long before you could walk, drive, run etc again?

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