One step at a time…

Saturday was my first big day out post-op and all went well.   A lovely sunny day at a friends wedding and muchos hobbling and merriment was had. The operated leg didn’t exactly behave itself in spite of the fact that lots of people were looking out for me and it; because I wasn’t wearing the super sexy TED stockings (a pre checked day off from orthapedic nurse!) my entire leg swelled up not the usual down to my knee, which was nice.   It had been propped up, rested and hobbled around all day, but nothing made it happy. Thankfully it was only a little uncomfortable and not particularly painful. In-spite of my slight difficulty in moving around all went swimmingly with the leg.  As for the wedding itself it was beautiful and lovely and fun and the happy couple were, well, very happy, ahhhh bless them.

Since it’s long day out my leg has felt bruised, I can only assume it’s my muscles feeling a little battered from the ordeal because no bruises have appeared so far.  On the subject of bruises my stomach has a nice collection going on, to the point that I have developed a little lump in one part of my tummy. It turns out that the anti-coagulants I’m injecting may also be helping me to bruise more easily, nice! 

My man and I ventured out for a little hobble today, found a little footpath that was part concrete/gravel so the wheelchair could be used if needed, and it was.  It’s amazing how tiring it gets hobbling along. Now I wouldn’t say I was at the peak of fitness pre-op but I was certainly no couch potato, so to get tired out so quickly is somewhat frustrating, I reckon I hobbled about 400m and that’s a generous estimate. The other 200m I used the wheelchair in self-propelling mode. I think my steering got a little better on the flat, but as soon as there was a little downhill it all got a bit too much especially as the path was curving to the right at the time, I very nearly ended up in the stinging nettles!  Still that was only my second outing, there’s plenty more time to practice, specially if it enables me to get outside for longer :0)


2 Responses to One step at a time…

  1. Jen says:

    Oh no not the stinging nettles! Glad you got out a bit, though. I am sure you were feeling a little cabin fever…two weeks to go and I will feel the same!

  2. annickhollins says:

    Hey Helen, sounds like you are doing just fine! Glad to hear that the wedding went okay. But I am disappointed that I didn’t read about any racing the bride down the aisle etc.! Lol! Where has your sense of adventure gone?! Lol! I am in training for our triathlon – using flotation belt and woggle I can fin 5 lengths of our local pool! Do they allow the use of flotation aids in the tri’s? One thing for you to be aware of – when you get to about 10 weeks the tendency is to rather overdo things, because you think you can – DON’T! Things that weren’t niggling start to niggle so just be warned. I have been told to stop doing most things for a while and REST! Not a word in my vocabulary normally, but I think I will listen this time! Take care, xx

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