What’ll happen to the summer?

 The university have been nothing short of brilliant and cancelled my suspension of studies, so I can go back to lectures. Also if the date offered by the Hospital fits in, I will finish my course and be a qualified teacher – WHOOO HOOOOO it was going to be December before that happened.

Yesterday I got a new date for the op, the first one offered was 15th June, which is only 3 weeks before the end of my course, so I requested to postpone it again. This means I will at least get my course finished, even if I’m not well enough to get a job in September, there’s a chance of supply teaching once I’m recovered. 

The new date is now the 13th July which is depressing.   I’ll be spending my summer not able to do stuff – friends BBQs, a holiday surfing/biking/walking, DIY in the house (strange but my boyfriend and I work well together and our house needs some attention to say the least), sorting out the garden…. and worst of all some of our good friends are getting married. What are the chances of me being able to go to weddings; one 2 weeks after the op, the other 3 weeks after? maybe a wheelchair will be the answer (UURRRRRGHHHHH).  HURUMPH! just about sums it up at the moment.   Admittedly there are a few things I can now go to over the next few months which I wouldn’t have been able to do, and I suppose I can enjoy any sunshine we do get in the summer by recovering outside… but it just ain’t cricket.  I feel the need for a list; a list of the things we can do to enjoy our summer…. any ideas anyone?


5 Responses to What’ll happen to the summer?

  1. Kate says:

    There are pros and cons for everything. I really can’t begin to imagine how disappointed you must feel, but it might turn out for the best in the long run. The fact that you can finish your studies and qualify is great news. Once you have recovered you will be able to go straight into work, which is fab.Think of all the barbies and diy you will be able to get done before you go in. Your BF will be on summer leave so he will be around for you as much as you need, and just imagine being able to supervise and dish out orders for the garden from your sunlounger, whilst having a valid excuse not to participate!
    Chin up you will get there !
    Kate x

  2. Mobility says:

    Hey ~ sounds like there’s a lot to look forward to. Write that list and rock on.

  3. Jen Borkat says:

    I feel your pain! July 29 is my PAO date, if all goes well. I made a list of things to do whilst incapacitated, I hope it inspires you. I know I will go crazy with cabin fever!

    -Stockpile and read list of “100 books you must read”
    -Plan several vacations for when leg gets better
    -Online shop…spend money, of course!
    -Attend online classes
    -Organize closets, drawers, etc
    -Learn how to paint, or some other sort of crafty thing
    -Catch up on all the girly movies that my hubby refuses to watch
    -Schedule things to be done around the house, i.e. estimate for replacing front door, etc.
    -Plan remodel of master bathroom.

    That’s all I have so far. Sounds like a boring summer, eh? I am guessing we won’t spend too much time on the boat this year…

  4. annickhollins says:

    Brilliant to hear that you have got your new date – and so fantastic that you will be fully qualified to boot.

    Things to do whilst incapacitated:



    Be totally childish

    Make ‘paper’chains from discarded elastic bands that the postman has left behind. Make it long enough that one end can be hooked over big toe on each foot, roll balls of foil and catapult at boyfriend when not doing washing up/hoovering/mowing lawn correctly.

    Don’t let on when able to do things that were requiring vast amounts of help from others. Well, no-one is going to know, are they?

    More drinking

    More Eating

    Wheel chair races at weddings – see who can get to the alter first – you or the bride!

    Who says you can’t have fun!!!

  5. Kate says:


    How you doing?

    I am almost three weeks post-op now and could def do a wedding or two! Maybe would need to take a cushion as hard chairs can be uncomfortable but thats all. At two weeks post-op maybe would have taken a wheelchair( hidden in car,lol) just in case I needed it.
    Hope this helps with your planning.
    Kate xx

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