Random ramblings…

It’s got to that point in the week again…. nope not the point where you crawl into bed and want to hibernate, not even the one where it all get’s too much and before you know it you’re a bottle of red wine into the night and it’s only 7pm.   This is the point in the week where you’re rushing around like a looney in the morning, trying to get out of the house in double quick time as you switched off the snooze alarm and are now running at least 15 minutes late…. you head for the undies draw and are faced with possibly the most crucial decision of the day.   The wash basket is full, so all you’ve left is bad pants.  I don’t necessarily mean the big pants your granny wouldn’t even wear, I mean the ones that always lurk at the bottom of the drawer for a very good reason; they either a) give you a wedgie for the day so you’re forever standing with your bum against the wall trying to discretely retrieve them from where they should never have crept b) cut off the circulation to your legs c) give you ‘four for the price of two’ buttocks look (a really bad VPL)  or d) accentuate or (if you’re lucky) give you a muffin top.  My quandry one such morning got me to thinking ‘why are these undies even in my drawer?’. Even as a student I’m not so skint that I can’t afford a new 3 pack of undies from M&S, I might even be able to stretch (the finances not my butt) to buying a few pairs of posh individual knickers.  So why oh why are these horrors of the underwear draw still around….. and it’s not just me, having spoken to friends and family about this they all have had similar experiences.

Maybe we just don’t respect our behinds enough to invest in some new undies, that is until someone points out that the ridges in your bum cheeks are causing a unwanted distraction to the general public and your extra muffin top is spilling out so much it’s causing a traffic jam.

So I’m off to the shops to face the sensible and comfortable undies aisle, mind you, who know’s what horrors of pinching and chafing lurk there….hmm maybe I’ll stick with what I know for now and go shopping next week!


One Response to Random ramblings…

  1. Pooie Louie says:

    Ha ha. I had (notice the past tense) so many of those pants. God why do we keep them?? Thankfully the move to the Southern Hemisphere has rid me off these nasty beasts and I can now boast a boring, but highly practical and surprisingly comfortable draw of Primarks finest plain black pants x x

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